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Interactive Financial Education Courses

Join Money Fit Education Manager, Todd Christensen, most Thursdays at 12:00 pm ET (9:00 am PT, 10:00 MT, 11:00 CT) for a free 60-minute live presentation and discussion around household savings and credit building.

personal finance webinar,personal finance presentation

Money Fit’s live, weekly financial webinar offers all adult consumers the opportunity to learn, engage, and strengthen their skills to grow their savings funds and build their credit. Based on proven tools of behavioral economics to promote behavior change, the webinars last 40-60 minutes. Money Fit’s education manager, author, and Accredited Financial Counselor, Todd Christensen, facilitates these weekly webinars each Thursday at noon, Eastern, 11:00 am Central.

Savings Success

This interactive presentation allows attendees to identify financial goals, discuss strategies to reduce expenses, plan for next steps, plan for setbacks, and set reminders for upcoming steps. Savings Success was designed by the Capital One Impact Initiative with a focus on behavioral economics tools that promote behavioural change.

Credit Voyage

This interactive presentation guides participants through a personalized action plan where participants identify goals, review financial impacts of credit, analyze and choose strategies to maintain, improve, or establish credit, and plan for the next stems to take.

Downloadable PDFs

Savings Success Worksheet

A one-page companion worksheet to the weekly Savings Success live webinar, this free download helps you personalize your savings plan.

Credit Voyage Guidebook

This 16-page guidebook takes you step-by-step through a personalized strategy to build your credit. Whether starting from scratch or rebuilding your credit, you’ll find tips, insights, a glossary, warnings, visuals, and resources to help.

Credit Voyage Worksheet

Download this free one-page worksheet as a companion to our weekly Credit Voyage live webinar. Pick your credit-building strategy, prepare for challenges, and track your progress.

Developed by ideas42 and made possible by a grant from Capital One.

Live Lunch n’ Learn Weekly Webinars

Join us on Zoom each Thursday and get started on your debt-free journey! Each webinar is limited to 100 participants, be sure to RSVP today!

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Available Certificates of Completion are noted in those webinars that offer them. Complete each such webinar in order to receive a certificate of completion as well as an opportunity to earn CEU’s. Certificate of Completion will be delivered as a PDF file via email.
personal finance webinar,personal finance presentation
personal finance webinar,personal finance presentation
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