Debt Management

Money Fit is a nonprofit Credit Counseling Agency that provides Debt Management Plans to individuals enrolled in our debt management program. We want to be as transparent as possible with anyone who is struggling with debt.

Debt Management Calculator

Simply enter your estimated total current credit card balances (how much you owe) and it will calculate your estimated monthly payment through a Debt Management Program. In many cases, the payment required is drastically lower and can help an individual get back on track with their finances. Try estimating your payment for a better idea of how a debt management plan might be able to help you pay your debt on improved terms.

Debt Management Calculator

Debt Management Calculator

Assistance is Available
Please contact me about a program (not a loan) to pay down my consumer debts FASTER, and at LOWER interest rates with my same creditors, and generally at LOWER monthly payments in 5 years or less. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit credit counseing agency, we have helped tens of thousands of consumers annually since our founding in 1996.
*Money Fit can also help with Medical debt, Collections, and old Utilities and Cell Phone bills. Do NOT include car, truck, business or mortgage debt.

Meeting with a counselor and participating in a DMP are not factors in a FICO credit score:

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For information about our Debt Management Program, click here or call (800) 432-0310.

We encourage you to consider visiting our Do-It-Yourself Debt Relief guides at

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How The Debt Management Calculator Works

We designed this calculator to show you what you would typically pay if you signed up with us or another credit counseling agency.

Our main goal is to help you find solutions, whether paying on your own or working with a debt management program. Don’t hesitate to call and speak with a Certified Credit Counselor if you have any questions about how a debt management program works and if it would be right for you.

The results provided by the calculator are an estimate, several factors can change the results. You’ll need to speak with a Certified Credit Counselor for a more in-depth quote.

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