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I Am Refocused Radio – Host Shemaiah Reed discusses with Todd the important steps to take control of their personal finances, especially surrounding debt and credit-building topics.

Chasing Financial Freedom – Todd explores the joys and challenges of financial freedom with Ryan DeMent on this 35-minute podcast episode.

Spending Personalities on Money Talk with Tiff Podcast – With Tiffany the podcast host, Todd explores the different spending personalities we see in ourselves and others. Understanding our own spending tendencies helps us make better financial choices.

  • Purchasing my first home on Ms. V The Storyteller Podcast – Todd joins host, Valeria Elliott, to discuss her story about buying her first home while also offering insightful advice from his own experiences.

  • Getting out of the Negative on Cool Talks videocast – Todd joins host, Grady Cool, and co-host Jack to discuss the difference between wealth and riches as well as the ins and outs of consumer debt.

  • How To Reset on Your Financial Goals for 2021 at – Todd shares how and why good credit should be part of your financial goals for 2021. Through April 2021, you can get your free credit report every WEEK from the major consumer reporting agencies.

  • How to Get a Cash Advance From Your Credit Card at – While credit card cash advances offer quick and convenient access to cash, they come at a very high cost. Todd and others address the ins and outs of credit card cash advances in this article.

  • State Statutes of Limitation for Credit Card Debt at – What happens when the statute of limitations runs out on collectable debt? Todd answers this and other important debt questions in this article.

  • What is a bad credit score? at – In this insightful article, Todd refers to several credit behaviors that harm your credit score as well as to organizations that might use your credit, besides lenders, in business decisions.

  • Credit Card Payments Down 25% During DOVID-19 Pandemic at – Todd describes “caveman finance mode” to explain why credit card usage drops during economic crises while savings rates go up.

  • What to do if you can’t open a bank account at – In this article, Todd recommend you consider looking for a Bank On program near you ( if you feel you’ve been blacklisted by banks and credit unions. After taking a few hours of financial education courses, you can automatically qualify for a checking or savings account with participating financial institutions.

  • Credit debt, bankruptcies down during coronavirus pandemic at – During the pandemic, Todd advises we reevaluate our spending priorities, focusing on saving for the potential of future emergencies, on survival needs, then critical wants like transportation and cell phones, followed by lifestyle choices and, finally, long-term hopes and wishes like vacations and a new home.

  • What should you do after your credit card application is denied? at – Among the various panelists, Todd shares ideas for what to do if you feel your credit application was denied due to inaccurate information on your credit report.

  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Money During Uncertain Times at and – During the pandemic, many creditors offered payment holidays, and many consumers wondered if they should pay down their debts or save for the future. Todd offers his professional opinion with an unexpected but resounding, “Save.”

  • Should You File For Bankruptcy? Here’s What To Expect at – For anyone with questions about the bankruptcy-related certificates (credit counseling and debtor education), Todd offers answers and guidance for finding the “right fit” with the certificate provider.

  • 50 Ways to Prepare for a Recession at – In tips 22 through 24, Todd shares ideas on minimizing vehicle payments, holding off on new jobs, and redirecting savings to your emergency fund.

  • 7 Signs That Your Child Is Ready For A Debit Card at – Todd’s guest article goes through a 7-step process to determine whether teens (and even young adults) are ready for the responsibility of using and protecting a debit card.

  • Will personal loans eclipse Americans’ credit card use? at – While the regular, set monthly payments of personal loans can be easier to make than credit card monthly minimum payments that vary, Todd still recommends caution with any debt, even the three potentially beneficial loans he identifies in this article.

  • 10 Ways to Save Money This Year at by Quicken Loans – Todd explains how our PowerCash principle can accelerate your savings without the pain of spending cuts.

  • Your Guide to Budgeting for Healthcare Costs at – When it comes to preparing for expected and unexpected medical expenses, Todd recommends prioritizing your healthcare costs with other needs.

  • How to Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit at – Todd explains why so many first time applications for major credit cards are rejected and why it’s better to start small and local when building credit.

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