Answers regarding common questions about Money Fit, including the debt relief and financial education services that our nonprofit organization provides. If you have a question that does not appear on this list give us a call and speak with one of our Certified Credit Counselors.

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Frequently asked questions:

The following questions are the most common questions we are asked about regarding Student Loan Counseling.

Money Fit is a nonprofit credit card debt relief program and financial education service offered by a 501(c)3 nonprofit credit counseling agency, Debt Reduction Services, Inc. Money Fit also assists consumers in repaying their payday loans, collection accounts, medical bills, and other unsecured debts. 

The Money Fit debt relief program has helped tens of thousands of consumers over the decades to regain control of their finances, repay 100% of their debt, establish practical household budgets, and find financial peace of mind. 

Credit card debt in America has approximately 810 billion dollars as of early 2022. This number is significant, and due to the many burdens that come from indebtedness that is either out-of-control or nearing that point, Money Fit was formed in 1996 to provide debt management and financial education services to consumers seeking help.

Through relationships we’ve built with thousands of creditors and numerous lenders, our debt consolidation program works by consolidating unsecured debt, such as credit card, payday or short-term installment loans, collections, medical bills, and more.

Many creditors provide relief to their account holders by reducing interest rates, lowering the required monthly payments, and ending late and over-the-limit fees. These savings provide immediate debt relief for borrowers and improve their abilities to repay their debt in full and avoid further default. Our program is designed to repay debt in 5 years or less. For many types of debt, including payday loans and short-term unsecured installment loans, the repayment time is considerably shorter.

Not everyone will benefit from a debt repayment plan. We often find solutions for the consumer to repay their debt on their own by making adjustments with their budgeting. Regardless of becoming a client, consumers will find value in receiving a free credit counseling session, for the education and guidance received.

Speaking of education, one thing that makes Money Fit stand out is the superior quality and experience of the free educational materials that are provided. These materials have been developed over more than 25 years, and have won awards for the value they bring to consumers seeking to improve their financial skillsets.

Money Fit works with thousands of creditors in the United States.

Some of the credit card companies that Money Fit works with include:

Discover, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, American Express, Credit One, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and many more.

Money Fit also works with several high-profile payday loan companies or unsecured short-term lenders in establishing repayment plans designed to consolidate multiple loan products into one, more affordable, and stretched-out payment.

There are countless medical and debt collection organizations that Money Fit works with on behalf of clients.

The Money Fit credit card debt consolidation program begins with a free credit counseling session, to determine the specific needs of the individual seeking help. The certified credit counselor will first address remedial issues such as building a workable household budget, providing free financial resources or guidance, then after a thorough review, decide what the best course of action to take.

If the credit card debt consolidation plan is found to be a workable solution, the following steps explain how the plan works:

  • Debt accrued, such as credit card, medical, collection, or other unsecured debts are consolidated into one, typically smaller, monthly payment and sent to creditors once they accept a proposal.
  • The account, if it’s open and is a revolving line of credit, will be closed to further charging and to be paid off in an expedited manner.
  • Once an account is paid in full, the overall monthly payment remains the same, and the additional funds are distributed to the next account (typically either the next lowest balanced account or the next highest interest rate affected account) in order to pay the total debt down as quickly as possible.

Each individuals situation is different, however, some of the core reasons for an individual enrolling with the Money Fit debt repayment program consist of:

Struggling with making minimum credit card payments, let alone payments that will resolve the debt sooner, rather than stretching them out for many years, in some cases decades or more.

Inability to make other financial commitments such as rent, mortgage, auto loans, and other payments that are vital to maintaining a positive quality of life.

Ultimately, the qualification for enrolling in the debt relief program is displaying a personal need for the service. Money Fit purposefully doesn’t restrict or pre-qualify individuals to receive their free credit counseling session. Unlike how many other for-profit organizations operate by setting debt limits, Money Fit doesn’t enforce limits because the intent is that anyone requesting counseling will benefit from the session. From that session, individuals are identified as qualified candidates for the debt repayment program due to their specific needs and provided with information for enrolling in the repayment plan.

Everything we do at Money Fit revolves around educating our clients and communities. Money Fit is part of Debt Reduction Services, Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency founded back in the 1990s. Our founder identified financial education as our chartered nonprofit purpose. Our credit counselors’ first obligation is to help the client put together and understand a workable household budget. Every counseling session includes a referral sheet to financial education resources applicable to the client, whether these include our own workshops, webinars, and online materials or those of government and other community organizations.

We long ago committed to our clients, funders, and even regulators that we would always offer financial education programs, resources, and materials at no cost to anyone meeting with us by phone, in person, or electronically.

Finally, we have developed scores of webinars and workshops that our educators and managers have facilitated over the years to tens of thousands of community members in churches, schools, jails and prisons, and even businesses and other nonprofit agencies.

Money Fit by DRS is licensed or registered to provide nonprofit credit and debt counseling to residents in all 50 States in America as well as the District of Columbia. We have office locations in New York, and Idaho, and we provide phone and internet counseling in all locations we operate in. We provide face-to-face consultations in areas where we have a physical location.

Yes. Money Fit by DRS is a legitimate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides credit card debt consolidation to all locations within the United States. For individual state licensing documentation, please visit our licensing information.

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