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Paying Your Medical Bills Doesn't Have to be Stressful

According to a 2016 Kaiser/New York Times Survey, twenty percent of Americans with health insurance still have problems repaying their medical debt. However, if they are uninsured, that number increases to fifty-three percent! It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. The average overnight visit to the hospital can cost $10,000 according to data published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

We believe managing medical debt should be less burdensome, which is why we’ve made it easier. Let our certified nonprofit credit counselors show you a plan to regain control of your medical debts and improve your personal finance situation in the process.

Now, for the good news: many programs can help with medical and dental bills for qualifying clients. This relief can come from various nonprofit community organizations like Money Fit, as well as churches and even the providers themselves. Some of these providers also offer a sliding fee scale for billing, often based entirely on your ability to pay.

Not everyone will qualify for assistance, and not all services will keep the patient from incurring extensive debt. However, we recognize that most medical expenses occur unexpectedly and cause immediate trouble within an individual’s or family’s financial situation.

We can help you remove the stress of repaying your medical bills.

Money Fit by DRS is a nonprofit consumer credit counseling service that bridges consumers and debt relief solutions. We offer free credit counseling sessions that help you move in the right direction. We’ve counseled thousands of indebted Americans and have assisted in the repayment of hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer debt. Our third-party certified credit Counselors stand ready to assist you on your path to debt freedom.

For more information on how to deal with medical debt we encourage you to read: Medical Debt Relief

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help paying medical bills


help paying medical bills

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help paying medical bills

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