2022-2023 Money Fit $1,000 College Scholarship Award

College is expensive! Money Fit wants to help you get off to a good start with your secondary education.


College Scholarship Application
College Scholarship Application

Our challenge is fairly simple but it should help you start thinking about your financial future and give us solid insights on areas we can address in future financial education projects.

So break out your laptop and fill out the survey! 


  1. Attend school in the United States
  2. Are in grades 9 – 12 or are enrolled in Freshman or Sophomore years in college that are attending public, private, religious, or charter schools 
  3. Are enrolled in a GED or correspondence school program
  4. Are attending a home school program 


  • False or inaccurate contact and school-related information

  • Multiple entries by or on behalf of the same individual 

Money Fit Scholarship 2022-2023

Money Fit by DRS Scholarship Contest Application Survey

Part 1 of 3: Personal Information

Please complete the following fields and click the "Submit Application" at the bottom of the page to complete your application.

The winner (s) will be chosen by a random drawing of all qualified and eligible scholarship applicants. You must answer the survey questions on the following pages in order to submit your application. Your Opinion and Knowledge survey answers will not impact your chances of winning.

One submission per individual. Multiple submissions by the same individual will disqualify that person from the scholarship award.

Full Legal Name
Full Legal Name
E.g. Jim, Ellie, Mr. Johnson, etc.
We do not sell, transfer or provide your personal information to third-party entities or organizations. If you win the scholarship, we will first use your email address to notify you, so please ensure it is accurate.
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US Mailing Address
US Mailing Address
Please confirm you are a US Citizen or Legal US Resident
By checking this box, you certify that you qualify for the citizenship and residency requirements. Providing false information will disqualify you from the Money Fit Scholarship Program
Have you submitted a 2022-2023 MONEY FIT SCHOLARSHIP application before?
A duplicate submission will disqualify you from the scholarship drawing. To confirm your submission (e.g. if your system hangs after you click "submit"), contact us at [email protected]
By checking the following box, you acknowledge that if selected as the scholarship winner, you will provide Money Fit with a publicity photo and the name of your post-secondary school (planned or enrolled)?
You must be 20 years old or YOUNGER on July 15, 2023 to be eligible for this scholarship. (Please enter 8-digit format. e.g. 08/01/2004)
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