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With Money Fit’s Simple Budget Calculator, you can quickly figure out how much you spend on a monthly or annual basis. Once you have this figure, you are empowered to make better financial decisions going forward.

This Simple MONTHLY Budget Calculator by offers a straightforward approach to planning your monthly spending, with just a few fields to estimate for your expenses. The Total Budget estimates the amount of net income (paycheck) you will need to cover your expenses for the budget period.

Know What You Need To Cover In Your Budget

The Simple Budget Calculator offers a very straightforward approach to planning your spending each month.

Enter your estimated expenses into the fields above and the calculator will estimate how much net (take-home after taxes) income you will need each month to cover your epenses. If you’re short in your income, you’ll want to address areas that you feel you can cut back in order to meet your needs.

As always, if you need any help in preparing a monthly budget, please give us a call. There is no-cost to you for using this service.

Simple Budget Calculator

Simple Budget Calculator
Not required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Your answer here must be your personal reason for budgeting. This is what will motivate you to create and live by this spending plan. Examples include: Buy a home; Stop collection calls; Qualify for an apartment
AFTER Taxes. Include state assistance or nonprofit help you receive.
Monthly Contribution to short-term savings and long-term investments
Do NOT include dining or ordering out
Mortgage/rent, repairs, landscaping...
Heating, Cooling, Water, Sewer, Trash, Cell Phone, Internet...
Average monthly loan payment, insurance, maintenance, repairs, registration, gas...
Tickets, memberships, hobbies...
Average out-of-pocket healthcare related
Streaming, landscaping, cleaning, car washes...
Student loan(s), credit cards, medical debts... but NOT home or vehicle
Any monthly expense not identified above

Your Estimated Monthly Balance is Balanced

At the end of the month, your balance appears to be EXACTLY BALANCED.

If you don't have any money in saving, then this budget projects you will be living paycheck-to-paycheck. The slightest bump in your financial road could cause trouble.

We recommend you consider the following:

  • Earn additional income
  • Cut some spending
  • Do a bit of both

Your Estimated Monthly Balance is Positive

At the end of the month, you should have this much money left over:

Consider the following ways to use it:

  • Save more
  • Invest more
  • Pay down debts
  • A Combination of the 3 options above 

Your Estimated Monthly Balance is Negative

Your Estimated Monthly Balance

At the end of the month, you will likely have a SHORTFALL of this much money:


Consider the following ways to adjust your budget:

  • Earn additional income
  • Cut some spending
  • A Bit of Both
Required so your results will be sent directly to your inbox. We do not sell, transfer or provide your personal information to third-party entities or organizations.
Debt Repayment Assistance Is Available
Please contact me about a program (not a loan) to pay down my consumer debts FASTER, and at LOWER interest rates with my same creditors, and generally at LOWER monthly payments in 5 years or less. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit credit counseing agency, we have helped tens of thousands of consumers annually since our founding in 1996.

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How The Simple Budget Calculator Works

After determining your monthly spending, you can compare it to your income. If your income is lower than your spending, you will need to increase your income or cut some spending (or both). If your income is greater than your spending, you can push a portion of your paycheck into savings and investments.

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