Credit Card Debt

Quickly Estimate Credit Card Payments Required Based On Their Balances

Credit Card Debt Calculator

Credit Card Debt Calculator

Enter a nickname and the estimated balance below for each of your credit cards

(Note: minimium Balance per card is $400 - anything under $400 will generally be paid off in 12 months or less at the credit card's required minimum payments of $15 or so)

Credit Card and Debt Accounts


Money Fit’s Credit Card Minimum Payment calculator helps consumers estimate their current monthly minimum payments due on their credit cards, even if they do not have their most recent statement. By entering their current balances, the calculator shows their estimated payment due, after which it offers to compare the current payment due to the estimated monthly payment through Money Fit’s debt management program.

See How Much Money Fit Could Help Reduce Your Monthly Payment

If you’re struggling with high monthly payments and are stuck making just the minimum amount due each month, it may be time to consider using a nonprofit debt relief service such as the repayment program Money Fit provides. Getting stuck in the minimum payment cycle can be extremely difficult to get out of. Fortunately, that’s where we shine! Give us a call or submit your contact information through our website and we’ll be in touch right away.

This credit card debt calculator is a great start to understanding the true cost of your credit.

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