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Todd Christensen

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Todd Christensen
As the education manager for Money Fit, author, speaker, and financial educator, Todd Christensen develops financial education programs and provides credit and debt counseling for individuals and groups around the country. In 2014, Todd published his first 5-star-rated book, Everyday Money for Everyday People based on stories and ideas he had heard in nearly 1,000 workshops he facilitated on budgeting, credit, debt reduction, saving, and identity protection.

About Todd Christensen

As the education manager for the Money Fit Academy, author, speaker, and financial educator, Todd Christensen develops financial education programs and provides credit and debt counseling for individuals and groups around the country.

In 2014, Todd published his first 5-star-rated book, Everyday Money for Everyday People based on stories and ideas he had heard in nearly 1,000 workshops he facilitated on budgeting, credit, debt reduction, saving, and identity protection. He has since designed, developed, and launched two award-winning, online, interactive budgeting activities:

My Life My Choices – Student Edition

My Life My Choices – Military Transition Edition

Besides regularly contributing to Money Fit’s blog and YouTube channel, you can find Todd quoted frequently in articles on top financial sites such as Forbes, MSN, Huffington Post, US News and World Report, Fox Business, USA Today, Time/Next Advisor, The Street, Money, NBC News, and Bankrate.

Todd earned his Master’s Degrees in International Management (2017) and in French Studies (1997).

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After nearly a decade of teaching personal finance classes in the community and around the country, Todd wrote and published his first book, Everyday Money for Everyday People, in 2014, sharing many of the great tips and stories he had heard in those courses.

Todd’s love for training and for facilitating workshops led to additional publications on how to run better company meetings, especially strategic planning sessions.

More recently, Todd published a book about the Financial Independence-Retire Early (FIRE) movement for individuals and couples seeking financial freedom starting in their 50s.

Find out more at Todd’s Amazon Author Central page here.

Personal Finance Speaker

Todd Christensen has made a life of educating and helping others live debt-free. Prior to the pandemic Todd regularly spoke at and participated in high-profile personal finance speaking engagements.

Until pandemic restrictions are lifted, Todd is currently booking Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype presentations for groups of 25 or more. There is no fee for online presentations.

The Money Fit Academy is promoted and operated by Debt Reduction Services, Inc. and is licensed or registered to provide nonprofit credit and debt counseling to residents in all 50 States in America as well as the District of Columbia.

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