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How To Bounce Back From Late Payments
One of the riskiest situations you can find yourself in when it comes to managing debt is habitually making late payments. Falling behind on your bills can be caused by many factors — you may not have a monthly budget that’s easy to work with, or you may have experienced an emergency situation wherein you...
How To Financially Survive Losing A Job
Preparing for the loss of a job, and knowing what to do in case you find yourself unemployed, can make a positive difference in how you recover. The US economy appears to be nearing shaky territory. Current economic instability, due in large part to ongoing inflation concerns, increases the need for vigilance when it comes...
Gen Z Faces Slow Start To Their Financial Journey
Gen Z Facing Mighty Struggle with Cost of Living Increases In the last few years, we’ve seen price increases that no one has experienced for decades. This hyperinflation environment affects millions, especially the younger generation. The struggle comes face to face with Gen Z, many of whom are entering the workforce for the first time....
The Health Dangers Of Financial Stress
Money-Related Financial Stress is Prevalent in America Money problems are one of the most common sources of stress in America. In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 72% of adults reported that they experience money-related stress at least some of the time. Additionally, 22% of them said that they had suffered...
Lottery Winnings And Taxes
How are Lottery Winnings Taxed? Cashing in a winning lottery ticket can seem like a dream come true for many. However, before you start planning your new life of luxury, make sure to understand how taxes and other costs may affect your winnings. Lottery winnings are reported to the IRS and state governments as ordinary...
Cliché Financial Advice that Gets It Wrong

Whether from traditional financial advisors or from radio show talking heads, you will hear financial advice spouted as clichés over and over. These sayings sound logical, but they often sacrifice financial judgment for the sake of brief dictums that are trite but easily grasped if not actually accurate.

Which Bills Should You Pay First?

Debt can look like a long insurmountable mountain when the payments begin to add up. Having debt can be frustrating since you want to set aside your income for other goals, but instead have to tackle these obligations. With limited resources, it’s understandable why many suffer from poor debt management. You’ll need a personalized plan that aims to tackle paying bills.

Predatory Lending Explained

Even though most people don’t desire to, getting into a lending situation is sometimes unavoidable. For example, most go through a bank to process a car or house loan. Most lending practices are regulated to protect the borrowers and ensure adherence from lenders. However, the truth is that predatory lending still exists in many places.

Spending Money

Ask the average American how much credit card debt his or her fellow citizens have, and you’re likely to get an ear full. Given the value to the media of reporting dire figures and dangerous consequences, it is easy to find a range of data, from the tame and mild to the outrageous and wild.

Top Personal Finance Podcasts

Great personal finance podcasts that share practical and easy-to-implement steps to reduce your debts, including do-it-yourself and third-party programs, identifying the pros and cons of each for various individual circumstances.

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