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How to Recognize Internet Scams and Report Them
Help Yourself and Future Victims by Reporting Internet Scams Right Away The internet is a powerful tool accessible to everyone. With this, we have unlimited access to an ever-increasing wealth of information and resources. Our world is also more connected thanks to this wonderful digital innovation. Unfortunately, as more people rely on the internet for...
Scams to Look Out for in 2023
The top scams to guard yourself against during the coming year. Many scammers and people with ill intent are out there, no matter where you are. You either pass by them on the street or encounter their veiled attempts online. This is unlikely to change any time soon, and what’s worse is that scammers are...
Easy Online Loans Can Spell Quick Trouble
Looking for a Loan Online? Consider the Pros and Cons First Getting loans is now easy, thanks to digital access. The process is often simple, providing personal information and applying online. The lender will deposit the money into your account within days. It’s gotten so popular that even traditional lenders now offer online loans to...
Disaster Victims & Scams: What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, scams are prevalent after disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes. Criminals know that victims are more susceptible to attacks when they are affected and vulnerable. If you or a loved one has been affected by a recent disaster, being knowledgeable can help prevent scams from happening.

Debt Settlement Crackdowns Continue

The CFPB protects consumers from abusive practices from for-profit entities that prey on individuals seeking help with student loans, bank accounts, mortgages, and even debt collection. While there are legitimate means of receiving help, there are many for-profit companies that thrive on taking advantage of the financially vulnerable.

How To Protect Your Parents From Financial Scams

According to the Federal Trade Commission, senior citizens across America lost over $193 million in the year 2020 due to phone scams alone. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in scams, both online and offline. Unfortunately, seniors are often the target of scams. If you have elderly parents or parents who don’t keep up with technology, it’s understandable that you want to protect them from being targeted by criminals.

How to Shop Safely Online

With technology changing the face of online shopping, we are becoming avid shoppers through our smart devices. Statistics say that around 70% of smartphone users make use of online payment options while purchasing anything on the Internet for ease of payment. Be it ordering food or booking an itinerary, booking a cab or recharging a pre-paid card, everything seems possible with the click of our fingers.

How Victims Can Minimize the Impact of Financial Scams & Fraud

It is an unfortunate reality that, similar to technology, professional scammers also evolve. Precisely because they’re professionals, they’re good at what they do and see an opportunity to victimize anyone at every turn. They use everything at their disposal to make themselves look credible and trustworthy to potential victims. So, if you become a victim, here are the things you can do to minimize the problems that may arise.

How To Avoid Financial Scams and Fraud

It’s important to be aware that scammers and fraudsters are relentlessly finding new ways, day in and day out, to victimize us and run away with our hard-earned money. They’re not only innovative with their techniques as technology advances, but at the same time, the stories they employ to either overwhelm or entice us are constantly evolving.

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays

The holidays represent a time of extreme spending and frenzy. If you are in a hurry to complete your holiday shopping while planning parties and other festivities, you might not pay as much attention to your finances or suspicious charges. Fraudsters know this and take advantage of this busy time and increase their criminal activity during the holiday season.

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