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Financial Education Begins at Home

Are you looking to give your children a head start towards an easier, more successful adult life? Teaching them about finances might be easier than you think; ensuring that they understand complicated financial terms is a great way to begin. You can do this by teaching your kids simple, yet practical lessons they can learn at home.

Saving Money on Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be one of the most exciting times for your kids, but not so much for you. Between the need for more school supplies and the seemingly endless options for your kids to pick and choose from, back-to-school shopping is possibly one of the most expensive non-holiday activities that a parent has to go through each year!

Raising A Financially Empowered Generation

Raising a child in today’s society can feel overwhelming and difficult. We may even feel jealous of past generations who did not have to deal with so many financial challenges. Whether you are justified in such reflections may be debatable, but there is certainly no doubt that raising your child is much more complex than it used to be.

How to Teach Your Children About Investing

We often reduce financial education down to the age-old rules of budgeting, and we might teach our children to save up money to buy what they want. Sometimes we suggest that they start ventures like a lemonade stand or lawn-mowing business to make more money.

Should You Give Your Kids an Allowance?

Should you give your kids an allowance? Some parents argue that kids shouldn’t have an allowance when they can find everything they need at home. There is some truth to that, but giving them pocket money can teach them the valuable skill of properly handling money.

My Life My Choices™ SE Passes 10,000 Certificates of Completion
My Life My Choices™ Student Edition by the Numbers Just over two years ago, we launched our completely free and Award-winning online, interactive, financial scenario-based game for high school and college students called My Life My Choices. In November of 2019, the AFCPE announced that MLMC had won the award for Outstanding Consumer Financial Information....
6 Ways to Financially Secure Your Child’s Future

Our children quite literally embody the future. While they are full of wonder with all of the possibilities that the future holds, we can do things now that will help them prepare for handling their own finances when they become an adult.

Practical Ways To Save Money On Baby Items

However, with some simple approaches, it does not have to be hard to save money on essential baby items. Here are ten surprising ways to save money on baby stuff:

Talking to Children About Money

Talking to children about money can appear hard. Parents my fear that they are not appropriate role models, or they believe that the money talk can wait until their child is ready to head off to college.

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