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Is Debt a Reason to Break Up?
Is it okay to break up or get divorced over debt? Do you and your partner experience conflict because of debt or money-related issues? We all know that debt poses challenges, especially in a couple’s relationship. Many people find themselves in a desperate financial situation or are one paycheck away from losing a relationship due...
Debt, Credit, and Divorce

Anyone approaching or going through a divorce should protect their credit and minimize the chances of having to take on more than their fair share of the marriage’s debt. This includes freezing their credit history, pre-empting being responsible for your ex’s debts, and not trusting the divorce decree.

How to Talk About Money with Your Partner

Are you crazy in love, but your relationship is moving faster than your current budget allows? Are you and your partner already talking about getting married or buying a house together without thinking about how you will afford it? Are you considering moving in together to save money?

Household Financial Starter Kit for Newlyweds

While many couples have planned for their big day, prepared for their honeymoon, and even put together projects for their future home life, too many have neglected to discuss and agree upon how they will set up and manage their household finances.

Money has become the number one topic of argument among couples in this country.

Merging Finances With A Partner

As a couple, it might seem wise to combine your finances. It makes sense, right? You share a lot of the same expenses. However, you might find it surprising to hear that 20% of people regret merging their bank account with their partner and tend to argue at least once a week about money with their significant other, as stated in this study. Yikes.

You will want to avoid the catastrophic results many couples experience when they make one or more of these five common mistakes. Enjoy peace of mind and financial stability when you avoid these joint account missteps.

For Richer or Poorer

Improve your credit score with these practical tips. They work regardless of whether you are trying to improve a poor score to a good score or a good score to an excellent score. Using these strategies can help you to achieve your credit goals.

5 Financial Tips for Handling Divorce

Along with the emotional strain of witnessing an end to one of the pivotal relationships in your life, divorce comes with one more troublesome aspect: Dividing the assets and planning your financial future after the final break-off.

Just Married? How to Avoid Debt and Thrive Financially!

Financial planning can be a tricky topic for newlyweds as they are starting a life together. It’s not easy to move away from the mindset of caring only for your own needs into one of balancing those of another along with it.

It Pays to Be Single: The Anti-Valentine

The commercialization of romance and love leading up to February 14th can be enough to sour just about anyone on the day’s celebrations. If you are single and not in a romantic relationship, you may still find several reasons to celebrate the day, if for different reasons.

Let’s look at what singles can look forward to celebrating on Valentine’s Day!

5 Bad Money Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationships

Money may not buy you love, but it can surely ruin it. Many fairytale-like relationships, meant to have happy endings, take a turn towards heartbreak because of the way people deal with finances.

The statistics also back the fact that money can prove to be a deal-breaker in relationships. TD Bank has furnished an interesting report on how the dynamics of money and relationships play out.

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