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Should I get a secured credit card to improve my credit score?
Question: My roommate told me I should get a secured credit card so I can build my credit score up. Is that a smart move? Donna M. in Buckeye, AZ Answer: A secured credit card can be a great credit-building product, but it can also be a drain on your wallet.   Hello Donna, Many,...
How should I teach my children about money?
Question: How can I help my children develop better financial attitudes and habits? Jennelle N. in Laredo, TX Answer: We can help our children develop a healthy relationship with money using some pretty simple (and fun) tactics. The activities and lessons we can teach vary by age, but starting early can be extremely beneficial. Ultimately,...
What is the first thing I should do to improve my credit score?
Question: I really want to improve my credit score! I am not sure where to start, what is the first thing that I should do? Russell R. in Pasadena, CA Answer: You can start improving your credit score by first reviewing your current credit report for accuracy.   Hi Russell, The first thing you will...
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